5 Reasons To Move To Help Your Home Business

April 21, 2021

Run Your Business From Home and Keep Operating Costs Low

Many people who run their businesses from their homes do so because they want to keep their operating costs low. So, it may seem like a strange idea to move home to get a better home workspace. However, there can be several significant advantages. Whether you look for a move-in-ready house with the perfect office or consider renovation or construction, there are five great reasons to consider a move.


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1) Fewer Distractions

Perhaps your current home can only accommodate you using a corner of a room. Maybe you have a dedicated room, but it is right next to the hustle and bustle of family life. In either case, the distractions of home life can make it hard to be productive. While you might think you can comfortably multitask things like remote learning, laundry and Zoom meetings, NPR explains we really aren’t wired for that sort of juggling act. When you move home, you can select real estate with a nice, insulated office that is sufficiently separated from other activities to help you stay focused.


2) Dedicated Space for Your Operations

Does your home business involve more than just working on a computer? If you are the type of entrepreneur who gets hands-on with producing a product, you may need a dedicated space that can accommodate your operations. For example, if you are selling custom clothes online, you need a work area for your sewing machine. It also helps that you can take a tax deduction on a dedicated home office.


3) Finding “Flow”

Flow is a mental state in which you are fully immersed in your work, feeling greater engagement, focus and energy. Achieving flow is very beneficial to productivity but can be challenging. Psychologists believe that it is easiest to achieve when you are working in a space dedicated to your business with minimal distractions. Therefore, moving home to find the ideal office may help you find your flow.


4) Enough Space To Work

A common problem that plagues home offices is a lack of space. Some entrepreneurs set up their offices in the smallest rooms in the house, in the corner of a room or even in large closets. This may be okay when you are just starting out. However, as you grow your business, you will need more space to work. Fortunately, you can get them by buying a home with a great office.


5) Better Work/Life Balance

Working from home has a lot of benefits. However, clearly defined boundaries between work and your personal life are not among them. Achieving the right work/life balance with a home business isn’t easy. This can have consequences for your relationships and well-being. Having the right home office can help you to establish a clearer sense of work/life separation.


How To Find Your Home

As the above advantages make clear, finding the right home with a great home office is worthwhile. If your current home isn’t giving you what you need from a home office, it is a good idea to move, especially if your business is proving to be fruitful.


As you search for your home, you might think buying a property as-is would be to your benefit. However, when you buy “as-is,” there are some extra challenges. Most notably, that there may be unknown problems or known problems that the seller won’t fix, such as infestations, mold or leaks. It’s best to get a home inspection and talk with your agent about the pros and cons of a particular house before making a deal.


If you're expanding your home to accommodate an expanding business, it also might be time to consider forming an LLC for your company. For one thing, as the Houston Chronicle points out, you might be able to purchase your property with your LLC. Plus, creating a limited liability company offers legal protections and tax benefits. On top of all that, it is easy to create an LLC Michigan online or even complete the paperwork yourself.


Get Help From a Pro

It’s easy these days to glance at real estate listings online, but for inside information on what’s available, your best bet is to work with a skilled real estate professional such as Diane Ives from Great Lakes Realty & Auction. Your agent will know about properties you might not find on the web, they know about concerns like zoning and HOA limitations, and they can help with your negotiations.